Public Recitals

Playing in public is an important part of becoming a musician, and Amici’s public recitals are an important part of our musical outreach to the community. The recitals are held Sundays between 1 pm and 5 pm at Bethany Chapel, 3333 Richardson Way SW. Recital participation is done on a sign up basis, and is encouraged but not mandatory for Amici students. Exact recital time assignments will be sent out via email and scheduling will be arranged according to the needs of the collaborative artists.

Any Amici student with a “performance-ready” piece may sign up to play in the recitals, which are held approximately monthly as listed on the calendar. Registration fees are $20 per Amici student ($30 per student NOT registered in Amici) for each recital in which the student wishes to participate. A cheque made out to the Amici String Program should be paid to the treasurer by the last Monday before the recital. To ensure that each piece is ready for performance, students may not sign up for recitals more than a month in advance. A fee of $20 will be charged for NSF cheques.

Students are responsible for the cost of rehearsal time with their accompanist prior to the recital. Should the student wish to play with an accompanist other than one designated as an Amici accompanist, the student must pay the accompanist for the performance as well as the rehearsal. All pieces to be performed in recitals must be fluently memorized (except sonatas, which may be played from music). Students must dress appropriately for each recital. Students in jeans or running shoes will not be allowed to participate in the recital.

Students outside the program who are at a Grade 6 standard and above may also participate if there is room, subject to the discretion of the Artistic Director. Payment fee is $30 for student NOT registered in Amici. Please contact us if you would like to play.

Parents are welcome to record only the sections of recitals in which their own children are playing. Please do not post group performances on the internet without the explicit permission of all performers.