Volunteers & Support



The Amici String Program seeks sponsorships to ensure that our students can receive high quality lessons and masterclasses. Programs and recital fees cover less than 55% of the program’s operating costs, with donations and fundraising making up the difference. In order for us to grow and remain viable, we need your support.

The Amici String Program is a charitable organization and donations of $20 or more will be acknowledged by a tax receipt.

If you would like to become a patron, donor, or contributor, please send your cheque or money order to:

Amici String Program Association

12 Sierra Vista Circle SW

Calgary AB T3H 3A6

​Donations to Amici String Program Association can also be made on-line through:


ATB matches 15% of every dollar donated up to $20,000 per month!


Donate Your Recycling (FREE PICKUP!)


Grocery Store Gift Cards

One easy way of raising money to support extra activities in the Amici program is purchasing Grocery store gift cards. These gift cards are purchased in bulk by Amici at a discount, and then resold to Amici parents and friends. The gift cards can be used like cash in these stores, and allow the accumulation of Airmiles, Co-op membership, etc.

Gift Card sales occur in the fall of each year.

Spring Plant Sales

Amici partners with Growing S​miles fundraising to raise money to support extra activities in the Amici program. Spring plant sales begin in January and continue until the last day of Amici in April, with delivery slated for late May.


The Amici String Program gratefully acknowledge the following sponsors.

We thank our sponsors: